Intelligence Community Center Of Academic Excellence

The Defense of our country starts with you.

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What is an Intelligence Community Center for Academic Excellence?
In 2005, Congress mandated the establishment of the IC CAE Program to develop, prepare, and educate the next generation of intelligence professionals with the core skills necessary to meet the United States’ National Security imperatives, through increased educational, cultural and experiential opportunities and career prospects within the Intelligence Community (IC). Accredited Universities whose programs meet or exceed the IC CAE’s rigorous and sustainable National Security and Intelligence education academic requirements, have earned the prestigious designation of IC CAE. The University of Arizona received its IC CAE Program designation in 2019. To learn more: Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

The University of Arizona’s IC CAE Program
Led by world class faculty and practiced intelligence experts, our program provides a challenging and practical curriculum with three areas of concentration to enhance your critical, analytical, and cultural skills. You are presented unique scholarship, language and overseas cultural immersion opportunities and afforded exclusive internship and career placements assistance, intimate networking sessions with leaders and practitioners of the United States IC and professional development summits.



The Security and Future of our Nation Begins with You!
The IC seeks a diverse pool of competitive skillsets, perspectives, and experience to approach global challenges. Whether you have a background in finance, biology, behavioral science, education, security, logistics, communications, human resources, national security or any other field, the IC CAE Program is for you. Contact one of our advisors now.