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The IC CAE program seeks to cultivate young talent for the future generation of intelligence professionals, we provide numerous possibilities for academic and professional development throughout the academic year, including internships, employment, and scholarship opportunities only available to IC CAE scholars.

Professional engagements may be delivered through classroom or lecture style seminars, such as guest speakers; attendance at conferences, forums, or seminars, and through participation in research projects and career fairs. Topics of discussion will vary and be of relevance and significance to the intelligence community and national security.

No matter what kind of student you are, distance, on-line, or traditional, these opportunities are available to all participants. Using advance instruction design and employing state of the art equipment we deliver a high-quality learning environment and meaningful presentations to students, using modalities which including face-to-face, hybrid, and ITV…you will never feel like you were left out!


Learn, understand, engage and connect with intelligence professionals through exclusive IC CAE events and forums.

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The Intelligence Community
Center of Academic Excellence (ICCAE)

ICCAE Speaker Series

University of Arizona | Academic Year 2020 – 2021

A designated Intelligence Community Center of Academic Excellence, The College of Applied Science & Technology’s Intelligence & Information Operations (IIO) program affords its students, staff, and faculty exclusive professional development opportunities. Event attendees learn from and engage with the leaders and practitioners of the United States IC and private sector.

This year’s speaker series will be delivered over the course of the entire academic year (fall/spring/summer) via Zoom. One or two speakers per month will be scheduled for each monthly segment. Our speakers will hail from the cyber, intelligence, and other closely-related disciplines, and from the private, government, and military sectors. Topics of discussion will be centered around intelligence, cyber, and national security fields. Additionally, opportunities to learn and discuss about intelligence and cyber career prospects will also be available.

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Fall 2020 Speaker Series

Sep 3rd | 4PM MST

Analytical Support to The Intelligence Community & Employment Opportunities

Drew Nickels

Deputy Director, Nuclear aterials Information Program (NMIP)

U.S. Department of Energy


Sep 17th | 2:30PM MST

Analytical Support to The Intelligence Community & Employment Opportunities

Mr. Mark Baron

Executive Director, Bureau of Intelligence and Research

U.S. Department of State


OCT 27th | 2:30 PM MST

Supporting Special Operations Intelligence with Digital Forensics

Dr. Steven Wood

Adjunct Professor

University of Arizona


NOV 17 | 2:30PM MST

Undercover Operations & Intelligence

Major Jennifer Pinnow


Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center