CYBV303 Windows Security Essentials


Windows Security Essentials

Course Description

CYBV303 provides students with the foundational knowledge of the Windows Operating System and securing Windows environments including; learning PowerShell scripting, host hardening and active directory scripting, smart tokens and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), protecting admin credentials, and thwarting hackers inside the network. Students will use hands-on labs and exercises to secure Windows systems, networks, applications, and data.

Learning Outcomes

The student will:

  • Understand PowerShell, write scripts, functions, and modules
  • Continuous Secure configuration enforcement
  • Server Hardening
  • Manage Active Directory with PowerShell
  • Use and manage PKI, Smart Tokens, Smart Cards, and TPMs
  • Restrict and manage admin and user privileges
  • Understand and explain anti-exploitation
  • Establish Role-Based Access Control
  • Understand windows firewall and use PowerShell to create and enforce Firewall and IPsec Rules

Course Objectives

The student will:

  • Learn and Leverage PowerShell to do the following:
    • Write scripts, functions, and modules
    • Remoting
    • Manage Group Policy Objects (GPO)
    • Query and manage Active Directory
    • Scripting AppLocker
    • Scripting Windows Firewall rules
    • Software-defined networking