INTV459 Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance Synchronization


Course Description

INTV459 will provide an in-depth examination of how to optimize the coordination of all available collection capabilities in order to support intelligence operations and the military decision making process. Students will conduct research and engage in practical exercises to determine optimal sensor deployment schemes and sensor-to-target mix in order to address different collection requirements.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Identify and understand the differences between Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Persistent Surveillance.
  • Describe and apply how the MDMP and Law Enforcement Investigative processes can be supported by a single collection effort when working in a JIIM environment.
  • Examine and evaluate the difference between planned collection tasks and ad hoc collection requests.
  • Categorize and illustrate the similarities between intelligence products and evidence, how each is utilized, as well as their requirements to maintain a chain of custody.
  • Propose the capabilities and limitations of technical collection assets and how they drive the sensor to target pairing process.
  • Examine and evaluate the importance of structured tasking and directing of collection assets across disparate organizations.
  • Estimate the challenges inherent to analyzing the success of a collection plan.
  • Determine the challenges of 3rd party asset management planning, deconfliction & retasking authorization.

Course Objectives

During this course students will:

  • Analyze sensor capabilities and limitations to determine if a specific sensing capability can satisfy and information requirement or if multiple sensors must be used to collect the required observable phenomenology.
  • Assess the opportunity cost associated with altering a collection plan to address ad hoc collection requests designed to service targets of opportunity.
  • Evaluate a given scenario, information requirements, collection asset capabilities and limitations then develop an ISR Synchronization matrix with its associated collection graphics.
  • Research and analyze the challenges of satisfying information requirements for IC partner organizations while maintaining a chain of custody to meet evidentiary requirements.
  • Analyze case studies on collection planning in a JIIM environment to determine the information sharing challenges while working alongside Law Enforcement agencies.